Monday, October 4, 2010

Mind it, it's Robot time!

Does the name Shivaji Rao Gaekwad sound familiar? Or should he be called ‘Superstar Rajni’, the title his most ardent fans bestow on him? Whenever a Rajinikanth movie hits the screens, it ushers in a period of great festivity for all his fans across India. Huge cut-outs of Rajni are garlanded and bathed in milk. His fame spreads beyond Tamil-Telugu cinema- into the remotest nooks and crannies of India.

Last week saw the release of ‘Robot’- Rajnikanth’s latest movie. The week is not over but the movie has already broken many box-office records. Many have seen it, many more are dying to see it. There are even some who’d rather stay away. Anybody who wants to voice his opinion about this movie. Type away!


  1. The most famous status now in FB is "Box Office Update : Parking lot collection for Endhiran is higher than the entire box office collection of Anjaana Anjaani!"

    Though old, he has achieved all these through extreme hardwork and dedication. In the first 20 years of his career he acted in almost 140 films. Can you beleive that? 7 films in a year. And till the early 90's he was not acting in roles that are typical of him today. He has acted in great roles and he can give any comedian, villain and hero a run for their money.

    Oh Gaawwdd!! I need to stop, else I ll be writing the whole day..

  2. He is one of a kind with whom people connects. His initial films are of all genres. However his stardom started with the film called BASHA first of its kind showing flashback in a movie.

    The good thing is he pays back society. He is a very helpful person and concerns for the society. He frequently initiates many social activities in tamilnadu. People respect rajni for his contribution to the society, humbleness and sincerity. I feel thats how he got his stardom and not through films

  3. Thanks for the info

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